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Congress is considering paid sick leave for employees


Congress is considering a bill that would guarantee five paid sick days for workers sent home by their employers due to a contagious illness.   The bill’s chief author, Rep. George Miller, said that 40 million workers do not have paid sick days and that many of those might choose to go to work with H1N1 if they could not afford to stay home.  

“Sick workers advised to say home by their employers shouldn’t have to choose between their livelihood and their co-workers’ or customers’ health.   This will not only protect employees, but it will save employers money by ensuring that sick employees don’t spread the infection to co-workers and customers.”  Miller said.

The bill would only apply to businesses with 15 or more employees.  Workers who chose to stay home on their own would not be guaranteed paid leave.

I suspect the business community will take issue with Rep. Miller’s claim that the bill would save them money.


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