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Death is not always the end

Two news items that are just too good to pass up.

First, a Minnesota lawyer has been suspended by the state Supreme Court for a year because he lied about the fact that his client had died during settlement negotiations.   In fact, 3 months after his clients’ death, he sent an email to the lawyer for the other side claiming that the client was only ”hospitalized”.  Apparently, he forgot that a lawyer has an obligation to notify the opposing party and the court right away if his client dies.

Second, two women were arrested last weekend trying to board a plane at Liverpool’s John Lennon Airport when check-in agents realized that the elderly man in the wheelchair with them was not breathing.  The women claimed that he was “just resting”.   “He was pale, but he wasn’t dead.”

It didn’t work in the Monty Python skit either:   dead parrot skit.  


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