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Knowing when it’s time to leave your law firm



 This article in the Legal Intelligencer probably falls in the “duh” category, but I link to it as a public service to all of my law firm readers.  According to Molly Peckman, director of associate development at Dechert , you know it’s time to leave your firm when:

  • You start drinking on the job
  • You are abusing drugs, including legal ones like nicotine, caffeine, ibuprofen, cough syrup and antacids
  • You start swearing more than usual
  • You find yourself crying or getting nauseous at work (or when thinking about work)
  • The best part of the day is discovering leftover pizza or cookies in a conference room
  • You spend time fantasizing about co-worker misfortune and disfigurement
  • You keep breaking out in rashes

With all due respect to Ms. Peckman, that is a good start, but I think there are some other signs that perhaps a career change is in order.  For instance:

  • You find yourself wanting to vandalize the managing partner’s car
  • You hide under your desk whenever your phone rings
  • You avoid using the bathroom for fear of whom you might run into
  • You have considered suing your law school for “false misrepresentation” and “intentional infliction of emotional distress”

I’m sure there are other signs; anyone care to share?

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