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Has Favre dodged a sexual harassment lawsuit?


The second anniversary of Brett Favre’s final allegedly inappropriate text message to former Jets sideline reporter Jenn Sterger was this past week, and she has not filed a lawsuit against him.  Under New Jersey law, the statute of limitations for workplace sexual harassment claims is two years.  (Under Minnesota law, it is 0nly 300 days; in some states, it is 180.)

Sterger could still file on some other legal theory, but this would seem to have been her best claim.  In addition, her lawyer has suggested that she has until next June to file because that would be the two-year anniversary of the date of the last phone call made by Favre to Sterger.  Since neither Favre nor Sterger were employed by the Jets at that time, that might be problematic.

We should receive word soon of the NFL’s decision regarding the internal investigation that has been pending since early October.

Hat tip:  Workplace Prof Blog

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