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Male on male sexual harassment: it may be about intimidation, not sex

  Late last year, the EEOC settled a sexual harassment charge that reminds us that not all harassment is committed by men against women. Six male employees of the  Cheesecake Factory received $345,000 in settlement of their claims that they were subjected to repeated sexual harassment at one of the company’s restaurant.  According to the [...]

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Employers: Time to check your wage and hour compliance

The Department of Labor announced Friday that it has hired an additional 250 wage and hour investigators to respond more quickly to complaints and undertake more targeted enforcement of wage and hour laws. In the past three months, the Labor Department has brought two enforcement cases that resulted in the recovery of nearly $2 million [...]

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Tax advice for employment lawyers and their clients

Over the weekend I read a terrific article in Litigation, the Journal of the ABA’s Section of Litigation, called “Top Ten Tax Tenants for Trial Lawyers.“   (No, I usually don’t spend my weekends reading about tax policy, but I was out-of-town and had the magazine with me.)   The author, Robert W. Wood of Wood & [...]

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