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Representative Cases

TJ conley-courts

Age Discrimination: Represented a Fortune 100 company before the Eighth Circuit Court of Appeals and secured dismissal of a former employee’s claims of defamation and retaliation.

Race Discrimination: Represented a hotel in St. Louis and obtained a dismissal before trial of a former employee’s claim of race discrimination.

Americans with Disabilities Act: Represented an international railroad that was sued by a former employee who claimed disability discrimination.  We were able to have the claims dismissed by the judge prior to trial.

Family Medical Leave Act: Obtained pre-trial dismissal of claims against a railroad that it had retaliated against a former employee for asserting his rights under the FMLA.

Drug and Alcohol Testing: Represented a Fortune 100 retailer that was sued by a former employee alleging that his firing was in violation of the Minnesota Drug and Alcohol Testing in the Workplace Act. The jury rejected the testimony of the former employee’s expert witness and ruled in our favor after deliberating for less than one hour.

Covenant Not to Compete: Obtained an injunction in favor of a client whose key salesperson went to work for a competitor and violated covenants not to compete and not to solicit customers.

Non-Solicitation Agreement: Represented a Fortune 100 medical device company that had been sued by a competitor after hiring the competitor’s sales people.  We were able to negotiate a very favorable settlement permitting the sales people to continue working with minimal restrictions.

Misappropriation of Trade Secrets: Was part of a team that represented a Fortune 100 computer company that was sued for misappropriation of trade secrets after hiring several design engineers from a competitor.  We were able to have the claims dismissed before trial on a novel legal theory, and obtained an award of attorneys’ fees from the court.

Sexual Harassment: Represented a hotel that was sued by a former employee who claimed to have been raped by a co-worker.  We convinced a federal court jury that the hotel bore no legal liability for the co-worker’s actions because it had implemented sound anti-harassment policies and the employee failed to report any inappropriate behavior.

Minority Shareholder: Represented a shareholder in a closely-held corporation who was squeezed out by his former partners.  We tried the case to a judge and won a favorable ruling.

Breach of Contract: Represented a technology company that was damaged by a former customer’s breach of their contract.  We settled the case on very favorable terms prior to trial.

Business Torts: Represented a printing business whose senior leadership defected and started a competing business.  At trial, the jury awarded my client $780,000 in damages for breach of the duty of loyalty.